Debian 12 and Tensorflow installation

I 'd like to install Tensorflow on Debian 12, but according to CUDA Toolkit 11.8 and cuDNN SDK 8.6.0 are required, which are not available, on the NVIDIA website, for Debian 12 (only for Debian 11). However, looking at, it seems that if built from source, Tensoflow 2.16.1 is compatible with CUDA 12.3 and cuDNN 8.9 (the latter is not available for Debian 12, though). Is there a way to have Tensorflow installed on Debian 12? It is very unfortunate that there is a better support for Ubuntu than for Debian.

PS: it seems that the installation documentation is wrong and needs an urgent update, because latest Tensorflow versions require CUDA 12.x, but the installation instructions with pip just mention CUDA toolkit 11.8

Hi @Giuseppe, The CUDA Toolkit was developed and maintained by Nvidia. Could you please raise this issue in Nvidia forums for debian 12 support. Thank You.

Thanks for the answer. Anyway, please, consider to officially support Debian for Tensorflow releases (besides Ubuntu).