Discussion tab in keras repository?

Can we have a dedicated Discussion tab in keras repositories?

I think that we need to be able to define a not overlapping scope to evaluate a discussion Tab in ecosystem repos as we already have some overlap between GitHub issues, this forum and stackoverflow.

/cc @Joana @thea

@Bhack GitHub issue and Discussion tab can be distinguished by some rules to avoid overlapping. But It would be hard to apply rules for this forum and discussion tab in ecosystem repos.

My bad, I didn’t count this forum as an alternative for the above examples but it is of course. However, the -code-issue-pull request-discussion-release - all in one place feels more alive and appealing (IMO).

Probably you could have more integration having all the async tools on github but also we don’t have there the same features as this Discuss instance.

We could work on: https://tensorflow-prod.ospodiscourse.com/t/google-account-prerequisite/4341

Keras-cv (Keras SIG) started to use Github discussions:

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Woo…Awesome. It’s really great. :ok_hand: