Documentation of matmul hides broadcast capability

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to give feedback on something that is amiss in Tensorflow documentation.

The current documentation of matmul explicitly says that

the inner 2 dimensions specify valid matrix multiplication dimensions, and any further outer dimensions specify matching batch size

This is not true anymore, as matmul supports broadcasting since 2019. See some discussion and when the capability was added, that is, since release 1.12.1.

I believe many people lost a lot of time “writing a bunch of boilerplate reshaping code”, because this is not known. I hope someone will update the documentation and save the time of a lot of people from now on. Thanks!

Hi @Francesco_Morandin you create a pull request for the changes you want to make in the document here. Once your pull request is merged the changes will appear in the documentation. Thanks!