Error from Tuner component: ValueError: Missing data for input “image_xf_input”

Hi there,

I’m new here and I don’t if it is the right place to post this but I’m going to throw it out in case anyone here can help. It’d be appreciated!!!

Well, Here is what I did:

I was learning about TFX pipeline and wanted to get my hands a little bit dirty with an image classification project using the mnist dataset from tfds.

  • Everything worked pretty well until the Transform component. Find the code below:

  • Then I wanted to fine-tuned my model which is a modified version of a ResNet. I build a ResidualBlock class stored in residual module file that I call in both Tuner and Trainer components. Here is the most relevant part of the code including:

the _input_fn():

and the model_builder functions:

But I got this error message when trying to run the Tuner component:

ValueError: Missing data for input “image_xf_input”. You passed a data dictionary with keys [‘image_xf’]. Expected the following keys: [‘image_xf_input’]

I’ve tried to change the _transformed_name() function to add _input but I didn’t work.

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!