Error in Pyyaml installation

Hi, I’m working on tensorflow object detection API. I’m facing an error while installing tf-models-official. It is taking Pyyaml of version 5.4.1. But the least Pyyaml has 6 version. How to rectify it


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

Currently tf-models-official is breaking due to version conflicts with the latest version of cython and pyyaml.

Probably restricting cython < 3.0 will resolve the issue or increase pyyaml to latest version 6.0.1 and make necessary changes for yaml code to make compatible with latest pyyaml release. For more details please refer to this thread Installation error. · Issue #11051 · tensorflow/models · GitHub.

Thank you!

Hi @navyesh_Pamarthi ,

For the time being, change your PyYAML to 5.3.1. It is an issue with the version and it will work without any errors.


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