GPU not working With TF

I have an issue with the GPU. My code is not working on GPU.


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The given information is not enough to understand the issue. Please provide some more details on the issue like which system OS , TF and Python version you are using. Thank you.

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I’ve encountered similar challenges before. Setting things up can indeed be tricky, especially for those new to the process. I recommend using a Docker container for a smoother experience. If you have an NVIDIA GPU, consider using this TensorFlow image: I recently integrated it into a .devcontainer in Visual Studio Code.

Benefits of using this image include:

  • Optimized GPU Support: Enhanced performance and efficiency when running on NVIDIA GPUs.
  • TensorBoard Profiling: Gain insights into your model’s performance and bottlenecks.
  • Latest Version: Stay updated with the most recent features and improvements in TensorFlow.
  • Consistency: Docker ensures that your environment is consistent across different stages of development and deployment.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your workloads across different machines or even supercomputers.
  • Integration with Dev Tools: I recently integrated it into a .devcontainer in Visual Studio Code, streamlining the development process.