Gsoc-2023 proposal feedback required

I am a Gsoc-2023 aspirant and want to be able to contribute to tensorflow this summer. This will be my first time applying for gsoc, hence I was hoping if I could get some help on my proposal. I mailed at the given mail address in the idea list . But to no avail, I even tried contacting the respective mentor of the project that I have decided to do, on linkedin but haven’t gotten a response so far.

I do understand that their are a lot of applicants to deal with, and the mentors are quite busy, but I am in need of help myself as I am not sure if my proposal meets all the required criteria’s. So if either somebody could review my proposal or maybe send my proposal to the respective mentor It will be a big help to me .


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Your query on Google Summer of Code. We request you to ask on the Google Summer of Code Discuss.

You can also join the #gsoc irc channel and chat with other participants and mentors.

Thank you!

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Ok will checkout, thanks @chunduriv