How can I make this model more perfect?

Hello everyone,

I am new to this discussion forum. So, If my format of the question is not right then give me some time I will learn it. Now comes the question. So, the documentation given in Building deep retrieval models  |  TensorFlow Recommenders this link is pretty hard to understand for me as I am a beginner to deep learning but I want to know how can I make this model more perfect like add some more layers and can’t I add a model of my own to this implementation like the rating_model implemented in the documentation of multitask recommenders. If so please tell me how can I add it?

Hi @ptl,

I can understand that documentation for “Building deep retrieval models” in TensorFlow Recommenders might be complex for beginners.

I suggest you to go through the initial Tensorflow Recommenders basics before jumping into the hard part of the recommenders as you are new to the deep learning.

Yes, you can definitely add more layers to the existing retrieval model and integrating your custom model into the recommendation system, similar to how the “rating_model” is used in the multitask recommenders example to improve its performance.