How do I install tensorflowjs?

I am using MacOS Monterey, and I have created an environment that uses Python 3.10.4 and
Tensorflow 2.9.2. I trained a MobileNet model in Jupyter Notebook in this environment, and I have saved this model using the save() method.

I am working with a Web developer, who will need this model to be converted to a Tensorflow.js Layers model, and I tried to run

pip install tensorflowjs

so that I could follow the instructions in Tensorflow’s tutorial for converting the model. I get the ResolutionImpossible error message because of incompatibility with the version of Tensorflow I have. I’m confused because of this line:

tensorflowjs 3.19.0 depends on tensorflow<3 and >=2.1.0

Tensorflow 2.9.2 should meet the condition above, yet I still cannot install tensorflowjs.