How do i setup tensorboard profiler for training , as currently is not working and not showing profiling tab?

Hi all, I have wanted to add profiling to my train code, but it’s not showing up in tensorboard

    %load_ext tensorboard
    experiment_log_dir = '/dbfs/prajwal.rao/logs/'
    tboard_callback = tf.keras.callbacks.TensorBoard(log_dir = "/dbfs/prajwal.rao/logs/mle_lstm_combined_profile",
                                                     histogram_freq = 1,
                                                     profile_batch = '500,540'), 
                         verbose=2,callbacks = [tboard_callback])

I have installed tensorboard-plugin-profile on my system but can’t see the profile section:

but in the logs the data is there eg:

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Have you tried hitting refresh on TensorBoard?
It happened to me where “Profile” was not showing but after clicking TB refresh it showed.

I refreshed multiple times , still no change , tensorboard-plugin-profile is installed on system ,
but data is there on system :

I have the same problem. I do not see the profiling tab. Refreshing does not help.