How to change custom loss to use tf.distribute.Strategy?

I have a custom function of Relative Mean Squared error which works fine for a single GPU. Now I want to upgrade my loss function so that I can use tf.distribute.Strategy. I don’t understand what specific changes do I have to make my custom loss function work as it worked for a single GPU. Please help me!

class RelMSE(keras.losses.Loss):

    def __init__(self, denom_nonzero=1e-5, **kwargs):
        self.denom_nonzero = denom_nonzero

    def call(self, y_true, y_pred):
        # Compute the MSE of each example
        mse = tf.reduce_mean(tf.square(y_pred - y_true), axis=-1)

        # Compute the mean of squares of the true values
        true_norm = tf.reduce_mean(tf.square(y_true), axis=-1)

        # Ensure there are no 'zero' values in the denominator before division
        true_norm += self.denom_nonzero

        # Compute relative MSE of each example
        err = tf.truediv(mse, true_norm)

        # Compute mean over batch
        err = tf.reduce_mean(err, axis=-1)

        # Return the error
        return err

Hi @Kanav_Rana, within the strategy scope you have to compile the model with your custom loss function.

strategy = tf.distribute.MirroredStrategy()
with strategy.scope():
    #define your model
    model.compile(optimizer='adam', loss=RelMSE())

Thank You.

Tensorflow documentation states that in order to make use of a custom loss function, the user needs to do the reduction themselves instead of auto reduction. So, when I directly use strategy.scope(), I get:

ValueError: Please use tf.keras.losses.Reduction.SUMortf.keras.losses.Reduction.NONEfor loss reduction when losses are used withtf.distribute.Strategyoutside of the built-in training loops. You can implementtf.keras.losses.Reduction.SUM_OVER_BATCH_SIZE using global batch size like: ``` with strategy.scope(): loss_obj = tf.keras.losses.CategoricalCrossentropy(reduction=tf.keras.losses.Reduction.NONE) .... loss = tf.reduce_sum(loss_obj(labels, predictions)) * (1. / global_batch_size) ``` Please see for more details.

Hi @Kanav_Rana, Could you please try by adding these code lines

def __init__(self, denom_nonzero=1e-5, **kwargs, 
                     reduction=keras.losses.Reduction.AUTO, name='rel'): 
super().__init__(reduction=reduction, name=name,**kwargs)

instead of

def __init__(self, denom_nonzero=1e-5, **kwargs):

Thank You.

Hi @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni, the following code does not work as mirrored strategy does not support reduction=keras.losses.Reduction.AUTO, it either supports reduction=keras.losses.Reduction.NONE or reduction=keras.losses.Reduction.SUM