How to change the savedmodel into frozen type

I have downloaded the MobileNet V2 models with the structure showing below:
├── saved_model.pb
└── variables
└── variables.index
When I drag the .pb file into netron, it shown with a bad case.
But the model downloaded from models/ at master · tensorflow/models · GitHub
which the structure is:
├── mobilenet_v2_1.4_224.ckpt.index
├── mobilenet_v2_1.4_224.ckpt.meta
├── mobilenet_v2_1.4_224_eval.pbtxt
├── mobilenet_v2_1.4_224_frozen.pb
├── mobilenet_v2_1.4_224_info.txt
└── mobilenet_v2_1.4_224.tflite
In this folder, the frozen.pb shows pretty good in netron.

How should I change my .pb model into frozen.pb way with a nice look structure?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @shikigao TensorFlow 2.X does not support frozen_graph instead you can use the saved model format.For reference please refer to this link. Thanks.



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