How to contribute on tensor flow for beginners?

Hey! I am new here. Can anyone help me to find ways to contribute to tensor flow?

@Esha_Tur_Razia welcome to the forum !

Contributing to the TensorFlow community is a great way to support.
Here are several ways you can contribute to the TensorFlow community:

  1. Code Contributions: Contribute directly to the TensorFlow codebase by submitting pull requests with bug fixes, new features, improvements, or optimizations. Here is the guidelines for details on how to get started

  2. Documentation: Help improve the TensorFlow documentation by submitting updates, clarifications, or new content. Here’s the guideline.

  3. Issue Reporting: Report bugs, issues, or suggest enhancements in the TensorFlow through Github

  4. Community: Please read the TensorFlow Code and Collaboration governance.

  5. Answer Questions: Participate in TensorFlow forums, discussion groups, and Stack Overflow to help answer questions and assist other community members.

  6. Spread the Word: Share your experiences and projects that can inspire others to get involved Over Show and tell section of TF Forum

Remember that contributing to open source is not only about code; it’s also about community engagement, collaboration, and sharing knowledge. Before you start contributing, familiarize yourself with TensorFlow’s contribution guidelines, code of conduct, and documentation to ensure that your contributions align with the project’s standards and goals.


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Thanks @Tanya Your Help means a lot

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