How to do a 3D human body motion capture, which can drives to animated character using TensorFlow in Android?

TensorFlow launched its first 3D model in TensorFlow.js pose detection API.

In the above link, there is an example of 3D motion capture, which drives an animated character in the browser using this TensorFlow.js pose detection API.

How can we do the same in Android or can we do it using webView in Android?

You can find more info with an android example at:

But you still need to write the animated character rendering code on your side, you can find some example about TF-lite blazepose with unity at:

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we are working on similar concept (which is available on TensorFlow Releases New 3D Pose Detection Model link given earlier) in Android using kotlin.

If any update or inputs in Android using kotlin, please suggest.

we are trying to achieve similar concept( which is in the link below) in the android application using kotlin.

Please suggest any inputs.

If you are looking for generative part it isn’t opensource but you can compile a form to request the model: