How to get bugs assigned

I just joined the community. I read through the contributing guidelines etc. But, one question is still lingering in my mind – how to get bugs assigned to myself? I am sure I missed the answer to this question in the contributing guidelines but if you can be kind enough to point me to the part that answers about how to get bugs assigned, how to find a mentor etc. That would be great.


Hi @Subrahmanya, You cannot assign the bugs to your name in GitHub. But you can be able to comment on the issues and you can raise a PR if you want to contribute to any bugfix. Thank You.

Thank you @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni . Does that mean, it is possible that multiple people may work on a bug and who ever gets their PR approved first would get in, right? It implies that there is a chance that your effort may go waste. Just wanted to understand the dynamics. Not a comment. Thanks.