How to make the _make_train_function of TF1.15 similar as make_train_function of TF2


In Keras with tensorflow 2 I can override the make_train_function() function (when creating a custom model for instance) and I can set the force parameter to true. This allows me to dynamically call a function (the random function in my code, just as a test) and adds its return value to the loss at each batch

Problem: I am not using tensorflow 1.15 and the only function that exists and that is similar to make_train_function() is in keras/engine/ :

def _make_train_function(self):
    if not hasattr(self, 'train_function'):
        raise RuntimeError('You must compile your model before using it.')

    #if self.train_function is None:

    inputs = (self._feed_inputs +
                self._feed_targets +
    if self._uses_dynamic_learning_phase():
        inputs += [K.learning_phase()]

    with K.name_scope('training'):
        with K.name_scope(self.optimizer.__class__.__name__):
            training_updates = self.optimizer.get_updates(
        updates = (self.updates +
                    training_updates +
        # Gets loss and metrics. Updates weights at each call.
        self.train_function = K.function(
            [self.total_loss] + self.metrics_tensors,

I have tried to modify this function by removing the different conditions (if, with) but still not working. So is there a way to modify this function such that it takes into account the same “force” argument that exists for the make_train_function of TF2 ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Aymeric_Barbin

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Could you please provide some more context on the issue which document you are referring to get this code sothat it would be easy for us to provide you the fix by understanding the issues.

Also, you can refer to this Migration Guide doc which will be useful to migrate code from TF 1.x to TF 2.x with next available or replaced APIs. Thank you.