How to take input from an output of a custom component .?

Custom Python function components | TFX | TensorFlow

In the last example of this documentation , the “MyTrainerComponent” returns a dictionary containing loss and accuracy.
( lets say the value of loss is 0.1 and accuracy is 90 )

How can this values of loss and accuracy be passed to another component .?
Loss and accuracy would be a input parameter of another comopnent, and should be consumed as a float only .!

Can someone guide me for the same

Hi @Aditya_Soni, For passing output of one component to another component you need to create a custom component. where the input artifacts will the outputs from upstream components. For creating custom component please refer to this document. Thank You.


Passing output of one component to another component isn’t possible with Python Function Based Custom Component .?

Have you worked through this tutorial?