How to transform a tflite model to run it in Tensorflow.js


I have a tflite model which I want to run in a React Native application.
I guess that I need a different type of model.
Is it poosible to transform the tflite model into a JS model?

Thank you very much

Yes, you can transform a TFLite model into a TensorFlow.js model, but it involves two main steps: First, you might need to recreate the TensorFlow model architecture and load the TFLite weights into it, since there’s no direct tool for converting TFLite back to a TensorFlow SavedModel. Second, you convert this TensorFlow model to TensorFlow.js format using the TensorFlow.js converter. Once in TensorFlow.js format, you can use it in React Native applications with the help of libraries like react-native-tfjs .