How to use Tensorflow?

Hello guys,

So I’m so beginner in this matter.

Before I only used matlab for extraction and classification. Now I wanna upgrade my skill.

But unfortunetly I didnt realize when I buy the laptop that turn out with NVIDIA, tensorflow with work much better. I bought the laptop with GPU but its not intel its AMD Ryzen.

So can I still use it? Can anybody give me an opinion how this will be or work or any other suggestion?

Thank you

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You may be able to use it with Pluggable devices: see here GPUデバイスプラグイン  |  TensorFlow

I own a relatively old mac and it runs using the GPU, yet nothing as good as Colab imho, in case you don’t know about it is a platform set up to run code and also ML models quite easily, and has the option to use different fast GPUs (like A100).

Use google colab. It is easier and better.

Hi @naisa_xie,

To use TensorFlow with your AMD Ryzen GPU, you can follow the installation instructions provided by TensorFlow, which include installing the necessary drivers and dependencies for AMD GPUs. You can find detailed documentation on TensorFlow’s official website, including specific instructions for AMD GPUs.

This documentation provides step-by-step instructions for installing the necessary drivers and dependencies to use TensorFlow with AMD GPUs using the AMD ROCm platform, and you can use Google Colab for TensorFlow model buildings.

I hope this helps!