Hyperparameter Tuning for Efficientdet

Hi all,

I’m trying to train an object-detection agent using the efficientdet_d3 pretrained model in TFOD and I’m having trouble understanding the multiscale_anchor_generator parameters, namely the min/max_level, anchor_scale and scales_per_octave. Is there a good reference that explains how to systematically adjust these. All the sources I’ve come across speak about how important the tuning of this parameter is, I’d like to create a script that automatically tunes these parameters every time my dataset is updated. Any help/advice is appreciated!

Second question, I’ve been toying with the idea of building an agent from scratch using Keras, is there any advantage to that over using the TFOD. I’m looking to get the maximum performance and am willing to upgrade to overcome computational limitations.

Thanks in advance, this community is very helpful!