I can't edit my post

@bsj , You already have the editing option. Please click on the pencil icon next to the your post.
Can you please specify what do you want to edit ?

@Divvya_Saxena I don’t see the pencil icon to edit (it seems I don’t have editing rights), I have it on other Discourse forums but not here: see i.imgur .com/Iy0WAN8.png
(strangely I cannot post links nor images anymore! I could in my first post)

@bsj ,Give us some time and we will get back to you.

Hi @bsj - moving this to a new topic under Site Feedback. For brand new users we have disabled ability to edit your post – this is specifically to mitigate spam patterns we’ve experienced where spammers edit posts after they have passed the spam filter. Apologies for the frustrating experience – once you have graduated to Trust Level 1 you will gain the ability to edit your post. Let me know if you have any thoughts/feedback.

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Thank you very much @thea for your answer.

For brand new users we have disabled ability to edit your post

Yes, this is quite frustrating indeed :slight_smile: 15 years ago it would have been quite normal (because this is how forums or newsgroup worked), but now that we are used to Discourse (I am member of a few) and StackOverflow (edit is possible even for new users), it looks quite strange, I even thought it was a bug… since it’s written nowhere “You cannot edit because you are a new user”.

IMHO making edits impossible for technical posts containing code (where it’s easy to make small mistakes) makes little sense. If I should make a new post in the same thread to say “I made a mistake in post #1 of … so please read line 126 with … instead of …” it is really a bad UX :wink:

My suggestions:

  • keep the EDIT button visible (so that we don’t search during minutes “Where is this EDIT button”?) but maybe disabled or with a tool tip “You cannot edit for now …” when mouse hovering on it

Also, can you please enable editing privileges for my account ? Also I cannot post links (strange because I could in my first post ever!), can you enable this ?

Thank you in advance.

It would be a great feature if we could connect our StackOverflow accounts where we already discussed TF or Deep Learning topics to earn some points on this site and avoid having editing disabled

Understand the frustration here. Unfortunately with Discourse we have limited ability to modify core UI elements without a lot of work. We could explore re-enabling this and keep an eye on the results.

I believe you were able to post a link to your first post because first posts are reviewed. Links from brand new users are, again, often a source of spam. We can look into enabling this anyhow and see if it becomes an issue.

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That could be interesting – will look into this!

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To follow up, I’ve re-enabled links and post edits for new users. We will keep an eye on whether this is a source a spam in the future and re-evaluate if so. Thanks for your feedback!

cc @Joana @Marcus for visibility.

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