I get this error whenver i try to import tensorflowjs

NotFoundError: C:\Users\yussu\anaconda3\envs\TFJS\lib\site-packages\tensorflow_decision_forests\tensorflow\ops\inference\inference.so not found

WARNING:root:Failure to load the inference.so custom c++ tensorflow ops. This error is likely caused the version of TensorFlow and TensorFlow Decision Forests are not compatible. Full error:C:\Users\yussu\anaconda3\envs\TFJS\lib\site-packages\tensorflow_decision_forests\tensorflow\ops\inference\inference.so not found

Hi @Dark_Light, As per the official document TensorFlow Decision Forests is not yet available as a Windows Pip package. One workaround is Install Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) on your Windows machine and follow the Linux instructions. Thank You.