I want to learn about TensorFlow.. and I have a few questions about a vision system!

Ok, so I am half kind of know how to code JavaScript and have some website projects using Next.js


Can I use TensorFlow to build a security system for my house? Maybe get a few cameras and hook it them up to my computer and see what is going on?

Another application I want to do with a vision system is quality control… for example, if a certain print of a label is good enough or it might be getting too faded?

I want to learn about vision systems with TensorFlow and work on a few projects… Where would you recommend I can start learning? And would the above applications be something that I can do with TensorFlow?

Hi @Edgar_Lindo, As far as is known, I don’t think you require tensorflow to get the live footage of your house cameras on your computer.

Coming to vision we have 2 categories like image classification, object detection. Please refer to this tutorials Image_classification, object_detection for implementation of those using tensorflow. Thank You.