Identify object with camera

Hi, i am searching about object identification system. We have project about parts of car, so i need system which can indentify object(parts of car), i haven’t got experince in phyton and AI, i am java(spring) developer. I just need this type system for integrate to my website. What you can offer to me?

Hi @Ali_Alekberli,

You can go through the Model Garden’s latest object detection tutorial, where you can use your own custom dataset and configure the training parameters of your choice to have good accuracy. By using this, you can train your own model with a set of defined classes of your choice, and there are plenty of pre-trained models available in the official/models on GitHub to explore.

Once you train your own model, then you can continue with the full guide where you can do custom object detection in the browser using TensorFlow.js. This guide will help you to preparing the data, training the model, choosing the model, configuring training, validating the model, exporting the model, Deploying the model, configuring the application, and finally, running the model locally. Please let me know if it helps you.