Implementing TFlite models

I have recently run a model on a custom dataset. Deployed it in the android app. When I run it in the android app it prints out random integers like 2.99231231,0.2742424,-0.9953453,-0.775656.
Can someone tell me what is meaning of this?
How can I know what tflite.model outputs.
Please answer in details.
Thank You.

Hi @Varun_Singh

Please explain what sort of model is this so we can assess the “integer” outputs. Also upload it somewhere so we can view it on


it’s mobilenet v2 model.
Ok I will try and let you know

@George_Soloupis The output is in the form StatefulPartitionedCall:0
can you tell me how can I access this ?

@George_Soloupis similar model i trained
Identity 224
name: Identity
type: float32[1,4]
location: 224
can you tell me how I can access this also?