ImportError: cannot import name 'notf' from 'tensorboard.compat'

I keep getting this error trying to run tensorboard. I’m a newbie so just taking my first steps trying to visualise an RLlib PPO algorithm training session. Running Windows 11, tensorboard 2.16.2 (and the latest version of numpy 1.26.4 as I’ve seen one comment about possibliity of incompatibility).

tensorboard --logdir C:\Users\ppv110\ray_results\PPO_2024-03-26_13-14-08\PPO_Producer-Scrounger-v0_bacf8_00000_0_2024-03-26_13-14-08
2024-03-26 13:32:50.182108: I tensorflow/core/util/] oneDNN custom operations are on. You may see slightly different numerical results due to floating-point round-off errors from different computation orders. To turn them off, set the environment variable `TF_ENABLE_ONEDNN_OPTS=0`.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\ppv110\AppData\Local\miniconda3\envs\MARL\lib\site-packages\tensorboard\compat\", line 42, in tf
    from tensorboard.compat import notf  # noqa: F401
ImportError: cannot import name 'notf' from 'tensorboard.compat' (C:\Users\ppv110\AppData\Local\miniconda3\envs\MARL\lib\site-packages\tensorboard\compat\