Installation Error with trying to install tensorflow GPU on WSL2 on Windows11

I have followed the steps on the website, but this is the error I am getting

python3 -c "import tensorflow as tf; print(tf.config.list_physical_devices('GPU'))"
2024-03-10 16:25:08.790443: I tensorflow/core/util/] oneDNN custom operations are on. You may see slightly different numerical results due to floating-point round-off errors from different computation orders. To turn them off, set the environment variable `TF_ENABLE_ONEDNN_OPTS=0`.
2024-03-10 16:25:08.814234: I tensorflow/core/platform/] This TensorFlow binary is optimized to use available CPU instructions in performance-critical operations.
To enable the following instructions: AVX2 AVX_VNNI FMA, in other operations, rebuild TensorFlow with the appropriate compiler flags.
2024-03-10 16:25:09.160090: W tensorflow/compiler/tf2tensorrt/utils/] TF-TRT Warning: Could not find TensorRT
2024-03-10 16:25:09.502165: I external/local_xla/xla/stream_executor/cuda/] could not open file to read NUMA node: /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.0/numa_node
Your kernel may have been built without NUMA support.
2024-03-10 16:25:09.512209: W tensorflow/core/common_runtime/gpu/] Cannot dlopen some GPU libraries. Please make sure the missing libraries mentioned above are installed properly if you would like to use GPU. Follow the guide at for how to download and setup the required libraries for your platform.
Skipping registering GPU devices...

Would really appreciate some assistance on this


Hi @Ruthvick_B

Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

These seems informational warnings, not error. Could you please verify if you have followed all the steps correctly as mentioned in this TF install link to install TensorFlow with GPU in WSL2 environment? Also, please check all the Hardware and Software requirements and tested build configuration for the specific supported version of libraries(CUDA,cuDNN, TF) required for TF GPU setup.

Let us know if the issue still persists. Thank you.