Installing tensorflow on ARM64 system

Hello Everyone ,

I am trying to install TensorFlow on the aarch64 system, which I am emulating on qemu , the python version I am using is 3.6.9 and the ubuntu version is 18 . I did not find any build wheel for this setup of distribution, all I could now is build TensorFlow from source which is still running , I don’t know if it would succeed or fail.Hence are there any prebuilt wheels by which I can install tensorflow on my system, is there any detailed blog on the same .

Thank you in advance


Hi @saras26, I can see the tensorflow pypi wheels are available for arm64 tensorflow-aarch64 · PyPI. Could you please try by using pip install tensorflow-aarch64. Thank You.

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Thank you for the reply @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni , this worked out perfectly.