Installing Tf hub without upgrading Tensorflow

Hello everyone,

After a difficult day, I was finally able to install TensorFlow with GPU support by installing version 2.15 instead of version 2.16. Now, I need to install TensorFlow Hub, but when I try to do so using the command “!pip install tensorflow_hub”, it starts to install TensorFlow version 2.16. However, I don’t want to lose GPU support, so I prefer to stay with version 2.15. Is there a way to install TensorFlow Hub without upgrading TensorFlow?

I have identified the dependencies needed to install tensorflow hub 0.15 in the file :

  • numpy >= 1.12.0
  • protobuf >= 3.19.6
  • tf-keras >= 2.14.1

After verifying my dependencies were okay, I proceeded to install TensorFlow Hub without installing any additional dependencies using the command:

!pip install --no-deps tensorflow_hub

how to install tensorflow 2.15 .In my system it is showing no match whenever i try to install the version