Installing TF on offline Ubuntu

hi, I know it seems odd to ask such question, but unfortunately, this is the only option.
if it’s required to find and download hundreds of packages and wheel files etc. I have to.

The target computer is strictly required to remain offline at all times (it can’t connect to any network actually, even temporarily).
the list of requirements to be installed:

  • Python 3.9 or higher
  • Tensorflow 2.0 or higher (2.15 is ideal ) plus Keras
  • GPU computing (the GPU is Cuda supported with comp.capacity of 7.5)

OS is ubuntu 22.04, and the GPU drivers are already installed. (should I uninstall them ?)

How do I install required packages offline ?

Hi @fornash, For installing Python you can copy the Python exe file into the system and can install the Python. For Tensorflow you can try by installing the Tensorflow in the system having access to the Internet and can copy all the files installed to the system having no internet. Thank You.