Integrate "UnravelIndex" op in tensorlfow Lite

Hello !
i need to add a custom op to tensorflow lite engine, i followed the documentation of tensorflow but i got some issues with it. If someone have already done that and can help me with the process. I would appreciate !

Hi @William_Pleyers, Could you please let us know what is the issue you are facing. Thank You.

Hi @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni,

Thank you for reaching out to @William_Pleyers for clarification on the issues they’re encountering with the TensorFlow documentation.Offering assistance and support can help troubleshoot and resolve any issues they may be facing.

If @William_Pleyers provides more details about the specific problems they’re encountering, we can offer further guidance to help address them effectively.

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hello everyone.
Ive created a tensorflow savedmodel (.pb) that has been trained and works just fine.
For somem reasons, i have to create an IOS app how needs this model. I tried to export it to tensorflow Lite version (.tflite). I faced the issue with an unsupported operation (UnravelIndex). Ive looked at the tensorflow documentation for importing unsupported operation to tensorflow Lite. Apparently i have to create a custom op so i have followed the sample given in the documentation but when its the first time than you have to do that, the documentation is not giving enough details about the process you must follow.
How can i get more clarification for the process of creating a custom operation (for the tensorflow operation UnravelIndex) for tensorflow lite ?