Interactive TensorFlow Learning

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to be part of the TensorFlow community and eager to learn more about this amazing tool for deep learning and machine learning. As a newcomer, I’m finding myself in need of some guidance and exercises to help me grasp TensorFlow concepts better.

I’ve been exploring various resources, but I’m still struggling to find exercises that cater to beginners like myself. I believe that practicing with hands-on exercises is the best way to solidify my understanding of TensorFlow.

If you’re experienced with TensorFlow and passionate about helping newcomers like me, I’d greatly appreciate your assistance! Whether it’s suggesting beginner-friendly exercises, sharing your own learning experiences, or providing tips and advice, any help would be invaluable to me.

Looking forward to your support and guidance.

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Hi @Nikolin_Andoni

Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

Good to know that you are excited to learn about the TensorFlow framework. You can start with going through few of TensorFlow official Tutorials and Guide which has interactive code implementation to understand the model and it’s APIs usability better. You can also refer some of the Youtube videos on TensorFlow Tutorials by Aladdin Persson which might be helpful. Thank you.

Happy Learning!

Hi Renu,

Thank you so much for the warm welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

I’m indeed very excited to dive into the world of TensorFlow and explore its capabilities further. Your suggestions are incredibly helpful—I’ll make sure to start with the official tutorials and guides provided by TensorFlow. Additionally, I’ll check out Aladdin Persson’s YouTube tutorials as you suggested.

I truly appreciate your guidance and support as I begin my journey with TensorFlow.

Thanks again!

Best regards,