Is it possible to create a blog post from start to finish with tensorflow?

I want to learn to use TensorFlow to automate blog writing on my website but I’m not sure if i can do that with tensorflow. I want to create complete articles with TensorFlow from a single keyword without trying more than once. Is it possible to make it that perfect? If so, I will try to learn everything I can about TensorFlow. I just bought a 22 hours TensorFlow course and I don’t want to waste that long learning this. I know learning to use TensorFlow isn’t a waste but I’m a student and I want to use my valuable time on something that works :slight_smile: Thanks <3

I recommend looking at these text generation examples:

Just as a heads up, the best performing text generation models require massive amounts of training data and hardware. I would google gpt 3 for example.

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CC: @merve any tips here?

Check this out:

This example demonstrates how to implement an autoregressive language model using a miniature version of the GPT model. The model consists of a single Transformer block with causal masking in its attention layer. We use the text from the IMDB sentiment classification dataset for training and generate new movie reviews for a given prompt.

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How about 50-100 hours? This is like a dream project for me.

It’s about hardware. Might be able to get away with smaller training data since it’s specific. There are companies that let you use their models. Not sure if they would just let people create blog posts like that because it’s probably not a good use of the tech. These models can spit out some crazy stuff.

That’s the problem I don’t have that powerful hardware, not even a GPU. That’s where the problems begin.

You could take a look to these general advices:


Alright, Thanks a lot. I’ll now train myself on how to train a computer. And ill push my computer as far as I can. Thanks again.