Is it possible to use time-based data?

Hello and thank you everyone for this beautiful forum.

I’m learning tensorFlow but now i’ve a doubt.

Is it possible to use tensorflow in order to use time-dependant data?

I give you an example: i want to make a very simple model (i’m a beginner) about a resistance where current is flowing. Output should be resistance temperature.

Baseically input data should be like:

  • [timestamp, ampere] Output should be [temperature] (we’re assuming that ambient temperature doesn’t matter)

so every data should be like:
[1 sec, 10A] [20°C]
[2 sec, 5 A] [21°C]

and so on. I have thousand of these datas. Basically output temperature depends of what happened before due to temperature inertia.

What kind of Neural network do you think i should use? I think RNN but i’n but i’m not sure about it.

Thank you very much and best regards