Is rtx 4070 TI, CUDA and cuDNN Compatible?

I am planning to upgrade my desktop for Deep Learning.
I am looking into the rtx 4070 TI as a GPU Driver.
Is Nvidia’s RTX 4070 CUDA and cuDNN compatible? Meaning, can I run tensorflow-gpu while running my DL models?

Will rtx 4070 be compatible with tf-GPU version 2.10.x?
Also, why have the tensorflow-gpu versions still halted at 2.10.x? Will there be any updates, so we can use the latest version of python library and what not?
Link: Build from source on Windows  |  TensorFlow

Thank you.

Hi @Real_objCDT, RTX 4070 is cuda enabled so you can run tensorflow with GPU.

On windows 2.10 is the last version that supports GPU on native windows. If you want to use GPU for versions > 2.10 in windows you have to go for wsl2 installation in windows for using GPU. Thank You.