Is there any way of measuring human body measurements using camera in react-native?

Hi, I want to take human body measurements using camera. Please help me.

Hi @Earth_Bulla , hope you are doing well.

I don’t know what would be the measurements that you may want to take from the human body.

But let’s say that you want to measure the height of the human body.

The solution that had pop up in my mid would be using Holistic landmarks detection

With Holistic landmarks detection you will get something like this.

(From the indexs of the landmark [30 & 29] you can find the center point with the euclidean distance formula)

I would like to say that this not the best solution for your problem, it just the solution that had popped up in my head, and I’m really new in this universe of ML as well, so please consider other solution that you may find fit to your problem.

If this not exactly what you where looking for, you could also looking into Image segmentation, you might be able to measuring from that as well, but I never try myself.

Good luck :slight_smile: I holp that helps.

Hi @Arthur-All , thanks for your valuable reply. I really appreciate your answer. I want to implement the same. Basically i want to measure the waist size so for that i want to implement the @tensorflow in my react-native project. I installed all the dependent libraries but i’m unable to install @tensorflow/tfjs-react-native library which is a platform adaptor for running a model into react-native but it requires react-native version 0.59 whereas current version of react-native is 0.72.4. If i downgrade the version then it says higher version is available, please update to the latest whereas for latest version it says to downgrade the version. Please help me to resolve this issue or suggest me some different approach for take real-time body measurements.

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Hi @Earth_Bulla, sorry for the late response.

I see the problem. I think that is not much that you can do in this case, but I don’t really know, please update me if you find the solution.

  • A suggestion, is to use others packages.

    I had to implement a lot of models in an Angular applications, and something that I learned, is that you will see a lot of packages that you might think is the best for your application… In this case @tensorflow/tfjs-react-native. They might be the best one, but if it’s giving you more headaches then help you. In this case I would just try to find another one.

  • Try to use Mediapipe, the Models is little weight for web application, and if there is no pre-build models, for your especially problem you can customize your on.

Suggestion for read: What is the differen between runtime: ‘tfjs’ OR ‘mediapipe’? I think it will bring more clarification, in some ways.

I hope that help you somehow :slight_smile:

See my video comments where I explain how I made the solution in TensorFlow.js entirely in web browser:

You may be able to take inspiration from that. Unfortunately I am not a native app person so cant comment on that.