Issue with HuggingFace psuh_to_hub

Hi following Keras tutorial, I created a fine-tuned version of t5 model using Keras API, and inferencing works well.

But I’m having a some problem with uploading the model to the hub

As written in the tutorial, I tried pushing the model using following code:

model.push_to_hub("textSummary", organization="organName")

But this gave me this error saying 'TypeError: HfApi.create_repo() got an unexpected keyword argument 'organization'

So I tried 3 other following methods, but all those line giving me same error:

# method 1
# method 2
# method 3
from huggingface_hub import notebook_login, create_repo
from transformers import AutoTokenizer
create_repo("Seungjun/textSummary", private=False)

Can I get some any help please

Hi @Seungjun_Lee, Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. Since it is a bug, please create an issue on GitHub for the fix. Thank You.

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