Issues Installing TensorFlow on Windows 11 with NVIDIA 2060

Hello everyone,

I’ve been facing challenges trying to install and run TensorFlow on my Windows 11 system with an NVIDIA 2060 GPU. I’ve tried multiple approaches and am seeking guidance to resolve this issue.


  • Operating System: Windows 11
  • GPU: NVIDIA 2060

What I’ve Tried So Far:

  1. Started by using Conda to install TensorFlow.
  2. Tested with different versions of CUDA, including 12.2, 11.8, and 11.7.
  3. Tried various combinations of Python versions.
  4. Reset and started scenarios from scratch multiple times.
  5. Now, I’m attempting to start the installation without Conda.

Despite all these attempts, I still haven’t been able to get TensorFlow to work properly. I’ve been at this for almost a week now and am starting to feel quite frustrated.

Request for Help: I’m wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue and could provide a step-by-step guide or insights on how to resolve this. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hi @MadLogan

Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

The installed CUDA version is not supported for the TF gpu support in Windows OS. Because GPU support on native-Windows is only available for 2.10 or earlier versions, starting in TF 2.11, CUDA build is not supported for Windows. The correct supported CUDA and cuDNN version for Tensorflow 2.10 are CUDA 11.2 and cuDNN 8.1 as mentioned in this tested build config.

Please try again installing the TensorFlow <=2.10 in your system by following the step by step instructions mentioned in this TF install page for Win OS. Also re-verify the Hardware/Software requirements for TF gpu support in your system.

Please let us know if the issue still persists. Thank you.