Join us at Google IO 2022!

Hi TensorFlow Developers,

Google IO is back to Shoreline!!! :tada: Join us tomorrow at #GoogleIO by watching the livestream at Google I/O 2022. You can expect exciting announcements, networking opportunities and a lot of fun!

Connect with the team at the TensorFlow Adventure space and tomorrow I’ll share more info here on how we’ll take an online picture all together on Thursday!

If you see me around the IO Adventure come say hi :wave:t4:

TensorFlow logo statue

I looking forward to meeting you all!

Share your avatar below on this thread!! Let’s do a fun avatar networking thread! :blush: @lgusm @Marcus you’re up next!!


It is (almost) TIME!!!

I’ll also be on the Adventure space to talk about Machine Learning and TensorFlow, come join us!

here is my avatar and also where you can find my two talks if want:

I/O '22 Adventure is now open and bustling! Come join the fun all!

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Hi TensorFlow developers!

We are meeting at 1:00PM PT near the Octopus eye for a group picture in the TF Adventure space. Follow this link to join the Adventure.

See the picture below for where we will be meeting!

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