Keras Newsletter (June 2, 2023)

Google I/O 2023 Recap

KerasCV - 0.5 Release

  • Unified Task API with KerasNLP
  • YOLOV8 for object detection
  • Vectorized augmentation layers
    • 10x speedup for many augmentation layers in graph mode
  • Thanks to all our contributors!

KerasCV - Roadmap

  • 0.5.1 coming in a few weeks
    • Primarily bug fixes and some docs cleanup
  • Segmentation models
    • Segmentation mask support for more preprocessing layers
  • 3D object detection models
    • Augmentation layers for LiDAR point clouds and 3D boxes

KerasNLP - 0.5 Release

  • A good intro on - GPT2 Text Generation with KerasNLP
  • Generative decoder models GPT2 and OPT.
    • Efficient, high-level text in → text out flow using XLA.
    • Low level samplers API for custom workflows.
  • Masked language modeling tasks.
  • Quality of life improvements.
    • Summary support including tokenizers and vocab counts.
    • Softmax output from classifiers.
  • Thank you to our wide cast of contributors!!

KerasNLP - Roadmap

  • New LLMs coming to KerasNLP.
    • Falcon, Pythia, MPT, etc.
  • Seq2Seq models.
    • Bart, T5 and Whisper backbones on github today.
    • Full task workflows soon.
  • Parameter efficient LORA training.
  • Model parallel distributed training flows.