Location of Dockerfiles used for tensorflow/tensorflow Docker images available on Dockerhub


Until TF version 2.11 the dockerfiles that were used for the Docker images provided on Dockerhub tensorflow/tensorflow - Docker Image | Docker Hub could be found in the tensorflow/tensorflow GitHub repository
tensorflow/tensorflow/tools/dockerfiles at v2.11.0 · tensorflow/tensorflow (github.com).

Where can the Dockerfiles that are used for the Docker images for later TF versions >=2.12 be found now in the GitHub repository of tensorflow/tensorflow?


Thank you for asking this question, thereby documenting the last known location of the Dockerfiles. Sorry that I don’t have an answer for you, came here looking for the same.

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Please refer to this Docker Linux builds link for Docker images files. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing the link. But unfortunately I could not find any information regarding the dockerfiles that are used for building the Docker images.
I am looking for the dockerfiles.