Looking for either developer, development-team, or to realise that i don't need one

Hi, I want to create my own app (actually at least 2 apps), and I’m doing the research. I want my app to be neuro-network based, and I also want to use neuro-networks to create it. I want it to be scalable and open-source if possible, but also protected. My inspiration is Telegram, which has an amazing app.

That said, I don’t understand anything about TensorFlow yet. I don’t even get what exactly does it do, is it an education platform, or is it a tool… Should i even invest my time in this, or is it better to collaborate with an already-advanced developer?

My expertise is in web design, communicating with people, building connections, enrolling people on my vision, and negotiating. But I also know a little CSS, HTML, and I’m a very rapid learner at anything related to tech.

So I want to find someone or something to help me create my own apps, what traits should i look for, where should i look for them? Can you help me with that?

Hi @Reinhardt_Fenix, Tensorflow is a machine learning framework used to create machine learning models for desktop, mobile(TFLite), web(TFJS), and cloud(TFX). Thank You.

Hello. It would be helpful to know what is your vision behind your app, like what are it’s functionalities in order to answer wether or not TensorFlow will help you.

That being said, TensorFlow is a python framework for deep learning applications, with coding, training and deploying deep learning models. Whether or not you should consult an advanced developer depends on your use case. It can be beneficial to learn the framework, but it will take time and effort, something you can utilise to develop your app as well.


Given your interest in integrating neural networks into an app like Telegram, I assume you are trying to incorporate features like sentiment analysis, content recommendations, language translations, and chatbots which sounds intriguing.
Regarding your question about TensorFlow, it is a tool used for training AI models (to keep it simple). Learning TensorFlow involves delving into various AI and machine learning concepts, which can take several months especially if you have no prior knowledge of it.

Considering the complexity of the task and the depth of knowledge required, it might be beneficial to seek the expertise of an ML Engineer well-versed in TensorFlow (which is just a part of the overall process of integrating neural-networks in an app). Collaborating with a professional in this field in my opinion is the best bet for the successful implementation of neural networks.

Let me know what’s the best way to get in touch and I can help you further with this.

TensorFlow is the fourth most used between the data analysis and machine learning technologies, with 11.5% of professional developers using it, according to Stack Owerflow