Macbook with Deeplearning

Hello All, (and thank you for your time )

I bought a Mac book (M1), and plan to learn Tensorflow.

I was told that Macbook is not great for performing a deep learning and I am aware of it.

Thus, I have two options in my mind
#1. Colab,

  • Convenient. It does not require annoying installation process.

#2. Remote Access using SSH

  • Can use Jupyter notebook, which is required tool at my class (I am student, very new in programming)

Some of post I found, recommend using Docker which is container based, and guarantees the same operating environment regardless of OS. (Which I don’t understand as the deeplearning performance relies on GPU spec, so that Macbook would not be ideal hw in this case)

If you have any idea, please give me insights.

If you have any GPU machine, I think option #2 is great enough, and also you can setup your own colab in your GPU machine. (check out this link)

For the docker option, I don’t think that is a good option. Maybe pre-built tensorflow docker image will be crashed in M1 architecture. Check out below link

If you want to accelerate tensorflow using M1 chip, you can check this link (Tensorflow Plugin - Metal - Apple Developer)