May I ask how I can use tflite/sensor flow more effectively on Snapdragon processors?

Recently, I am trying to deploy my model on an Android phone. I learned about Snapdragon’s powerful AI computing capabilities through the internet, but I am unable to find the correct way to use this powerful feature. May I ask if someone has done something related to it? Can you give me some guidance? thanks

Hi @jun_yin1, You can use Delegates, which enable hardware acceleration of TensorFlow Lite models by leveraging on-device accelerators.

  • You can use NNAPI delegates to accelerate models on Android devices with GPU, DSP and / or NPU available. It is available in Android 8.1 (API 27+) or higher.
  • The Hexagon delegate can be used to accelerate models on Android devices with Qualcomm Hexagon DSP.

For more details please refer to this document. Thank You.

Thank you for your reply. Also, if I wish to use TensorFlow/Pytorch to directly use Snapdragon’s acceleration function, can I?

Hi @jun_yin1, No, these delegates can be used for tflite only. Thank You.