Minimum device hardware to run face detection using WebGL as a backend on tensorflowjs

I want to use tensorflowjs face detection pretrained model into browser using WebGL as a backend, is there any minimum device requirement like vga, ram etc, to run this on browser?

I am unaware of the lower bounds of execution here. The model itself is pretty small - I think just a few MB if I remember correctly, so as long as you have enough GPU memory for that then it should work. The only question is what speed - which depends on the hardware running on - however assuming you dont run out of memory or such then it should still run at some FPS. I have personally tested this model on devices as old as Pixel 5 and it runs fast enough for real time applications for me to give you some context.

Please note we have 2 implementations of FaceMesh model:

MediaPipe version

TensorFlow.js version

You may prefer to use one over the other based on your needs. I would recommend using the Mediapipe JS example as of 2024 as we no longer support dev on the TFJS version of the model - this was made in a time when there was a need for that due to GPU compatibility issues back then on iOS etc.

thanks for your response, btw can we retrain the pretrained models like face-detection short range models?