Model help create

need help
create model

Task beloow

input ‘1zS’ string 3 characters // character is encoded 58
output ‘65’ line 2 characters // character is encoded 58

conditionally there are 10,000 lines
input file
1zS; 65 # 1zS input; 65 output
Ad9; 1S # Ad9 input; 1S output

task we load => ‘tdS’ predict ‘Gh’ for example

more information

As it is something very specific to that repository I suggest you to open a ticket directly there for support.

it’s my repo

Ok, so I think that you need to be a little bit more specific.

Do you have a few lines of a dummy example to expose your issue?

this pict show not good generate

examle — predict on 10 base number = 61 ==> to 58 base == 13 or 14

need preditc 10 base 1 - 58

Can you explain what is your goal? What problem do you want to solve with TF?

theoretical possibility of a reverse function from the BTC public key

I don’t know any reasearch baseline on this topic and I have many doubts that you can approach on this with ML.

I assume that if the correct data is loaded, the model will produce the desired result

thus the task should be split into a generator of correct data

and training the model on this data

probably need a model and data evaluator

Check also:

See also the paper:

it’s may be good? but i’m not understand how use in my examle

It was not related to use that in your example, it is an academic example with code on how Deep learning could be used to mitigate some specific attacks in public-key cryptosystems.

As I’ve told you my opinion is that you cannot use directly ML for your original idea for the random component in public-key cryptosystems.

yes, in general, I totally agree

but if you take a particular case and build a model for a particular case?

for examle find PK to

or best

1 block

Read the paper of the code I’ve already metioned:

I don’t know anything specific for BTC.

More in general if you are interested to be introduced in these research topics (not strictly in cryptocurrencies) Elie Bursztein at Google has some nice blog posts recently like this one:

i’m try create model
pls check if possible