ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'keras.engine'

Hello , can someone help me ? ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘keras.engine’ This is the message I received anaytime. in colab in pycharm . I try to make a model by training , I use few github mask rcnn and no way. I tried different Tensorflow & tensorflow2 and and… Someone have an idea ??? Thanks a lot

Hi @Leo_Verheyden, There is no module keras.engine. From tensorflow 2.x onwords all of the sub modules under the keras.engine are under different modules within the tf.keras. You can import keras using import keras directly or from tensorflow import keras. Thank You.

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Still have error keras.engine

Try checking the compatabilty of keras and tensorflow. Import statements have been changes a lot and try to import all the packages specifically you are using. Check the tensorflow documentation for more detailed help.

Would love to help you if you could provide the whole code if possible.

Hi everyone,
I’m running into the same problem.
Actually, we might have used the same MRCNN GitHub repository : GitHub - matterport/Mask_RCNN: Mask R-CNN for object detection and instance segmentation on Keras and TensorFlow.
I am not that fluent with TensorFlow, it’s my first time trying Deep Learning.
I have been able to clone the repository, install the requirements using requirements.txt and launch
But indeed, I do have the “No module named ‘keras.engine’” error. I tried several steps, including downgrading my python version within my environment to an older one, and it still doesn’t work.
The import statements that cause troubles are as follow :

import keras.backend as K
import keras.layers as KL
import keras.engine as KE
import keras.models as KM


As an information, if it can help you, my packages within my environment are :
Package Version

absl-py 2.1.0
asttokens 2.4.1
astunparse 1.6.3
certifi 2024.2.2
charset-normalizer 3.3.2
contourpy 1.2.1
cycler 0.12.1
Cython 3.0.10
decorator 5.1.1
executing 2.0.1
flatbuffers 24.3.25
fonttools 4.51.0
gast 0.5.4
google-pasta 0.2.0
grpcio 1.62.1
h5py 3.10.0
idna 3.6
imageio 2.34.0
imgaug 0.4.0
ipython 8.23.0
jedi 0.19.1
keras 3.1.1
kiwisolver 1.4.5
lazy_loader 0.4
libclang 18.1.1
Markdown 3.6
markdown-it-py 3.0.0
MarkupSafe 2.1.5
matplotlib 3.8.4
matplotlib-inline 0.1.6
mdurl 0.1.2
ml-dtypes 0.3.2
namex 0.0.7
networkx 3.3
numpy 1.26.4
opt-einsum 3.3.0
optree 0.11.0
packaging 24.0
parso 0.8.4
pexpect 4.9.0
pillow 10.3.0
pip 24.0
prompt-toolkit 3.0.43
protobuf 4.25.3
ptyprocess 0.7.0
pure-eval 0.2.2
pycocotools 2.0.7
Pygments 2.17.2
pyparsing 3.1.2
python-dateutil 2.9.0.post0
PyYAML 6.0.1
requests 2.31.0
rich 13.7.1
scikit-image 0.22.0
scipy 1.13.0
setuptools 69.2.0
shapely 2.0.3
six 1.16.0
stack-data 0.6.3
tensorboard 2.16.2
tensorboard-data-server 0.7.2
tensorflow 2.16.1
termcolor 2.4.0
tifffile 2024.2.12
traitlets 5.14.2
typing_extensions 4.11.0
urllib3 2.2.1
wcwidth 0.2.13
Werkzeug 3.0.2
wheel 0.43.0
wrapt 1.16.0

If by any chance you have an idea on how to proceed to solve this issue, I would be more than happy…

Thanks for your time :wink:

Remove the import for keras.engine and replace all KE.Layer in the file with KL.Layer