Object Detection API error

I am getting error while installing object detection api’s. can someone please tell me the steps from scratch to build an environment to use object detection and avoid dependency errors.

Hi @ANKUR_DHANGAR Welcome to the Tensorflow forum.
I would recommend you share details about your setup/configuration so that people can help you out.

I solved the dependency issue now I am getting AttributeError: module ‘keras._tf_keras.keras.layers’ has no attribute ‘experimental’
this error.
My tensorflow version is 2.16.1


If you try to access the experimental module from tf.keras in TensorFlow 2.16.1 or later, you will get the AttributeError: module 'keras._tf_keras.keras.layers' has no attribute 'experimental' error, as that module no longer exists in Keras 3 .

If you need to continue using the experimental features from Keras 2, you can install the tf_keras package separately and use that instead of tf.keras.