Of "yamnet.tflite", microcontrollers and meows


I’m not sure where in this forum to ask my question, so bear with me.

I have a python app that uses the “yamnet.tflite” file to identify cat sounds. Now I would like to migrate that functionality to a microcontroller (specifically, the esp32-s3). From what I’ve read, it isn’t feasible to use “yamnet.tflite” on a microcontroller. (Or is it? I’d be happy to be wrong here)

So, how do find or extract a cat sound model for microcontrollers? Hopefully, I can leverage something already out there. Generating my own model will be tough since I don’t have any recordings and my own cats are uncooperative. :smiley:

Again, if this is the wrong place, let me know and I’ll repost there.

Thanks for listening,