On device training in android App

Hello Everyone, i would like to implement on-device training for digits recognition in android App. Can anyone help me how to do it ?


Please take a look at Build a handwritten digit classifier app with TensorFlow Lite code lab.

Thank you!

Hello @chunduriv ,

Thank you for the colab code. but I would like train digits classifier from mobile by using the concept of on-device training.


from tensorflow examples repo(demo branch) i found a Tensorflow lite model personalization demo app code. In that we are training the model from mobile. there is an issue i found that is,

for example:
i want to train a model at first time with 5 images and then second time again with 5 images(no. of images can varry). i want the model to use previous training data or knowledge for the inference or prediction of number from image. i want to make continues learning for the model. I hope you get it.

here’s the demo app:

Hello, @SouL_Gaming
I am also working on implementing on-device training for digits recognition in android app for my project but couldn’t get any solution on web. Did you find out on how to solve this?